Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sri Kemudi, BB Bangi Seksyen 7

Finally.. an update! it's been a while since i last updated this blog.. i haven't been eating out as much lately.. the oil price hike and the fact that i'm actually watching my weight seem to be good enough a reason. anyway, this morning, since the cafe operator is again changing (it's not even a year yet..their reasons were too spooky to discuss in this cute blog.. so, i'll just leave it to your imagination), nomie and i went out for breakfast. my mission was to get me some roti canai. headed to section 7 in Bandar Baru Bangi to eat (it's right in front of PKNS). chose to eat at sri kemudi.. i think that's what it says on the sign board anyway.. can't really read the sign while driving.. they used cursive for their signboard. anyway, i referred to it as the kedai low-profile. ate there once or twice for dinner.. not some hot spot in bangi .. not like the other restaurants in that area anyway.. the tv is a mere 21" tv.. not a favorite hangout for the kaki bola.. and no bright lights.. but the restaurant is always full..of boys. thought there would be cute waitress or something.. but didn't see any cute girls there.. except me of course. haha. cute boys ada lahh.. err.. the waiter is adorable. i think he must be the owner's son or something. cause the restaurant seemed to be a family operated restaurant or watchamacallit... anyways, like i always say to ali when we're on the road, a full restaurant is always a good restaurant. and it's true for this particular restaurant. good food.. simple recipes. even the menu is relatively simple. no special names for their drinks or nasi goreng.. not many items on the menu.. but they taste good. and it's all that matters.. and the portion is quite big. so, worth the money. but that's last year.. haven't been to the restaurant for ages.. and this morning, went there with nomie.

the morning menu is quite a variety. they have nasi kerabu, laksam, roti canai, nasi goreng, nasi lemak, nasi himpit with kuah kacang and lontong, mi goreng, bihun goreng.. just to name a few.. no wonder the restaurant is full at 8 am on a saturday. well looking at the food, made me starving, so i got myself a nasi kerabu with ayam goreng.. tak pe la.. can work out later what?? hehehe... and an iced tea. sedap.. but the price.. whoa.. very expensive.. luckily i brought my wallet and not just the purse i always carry for breakfast.. would be embarrassing trying to pay with coins.
This particular set, costs me RM4.50. actually i think price is pretty high since i could get a better deal at putrajaya.. tastes better there too.. this one, ok la.. just price too much!


Johari said...

Tulip, come visit us at KAWAN KOPITIAM, Fasa 3 and sample or Chinese dishes and Johor selections. Looking forward.

Anonymous said...


Got one bloody indian school bus family at jalan 7/5A....raising up their kids to become rude and provocative. Pls tell anyone AJK or whatsoever incharge in that area to do something. We are getting sick of it

Marina said...

thanks Johari..