Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pecal Lele Lela

If you are dying for some pecel lele (lele is catfish - ikan keli) in Shah Alam, then this may be the place for you. It is a new joint... Well quite new. The ambience is nice, it was quite clean when we were there. And the price is cheap. 

The shop is at Section 13. The ow of shops near Laman Seri. It is a corner lot shop so you should not miss it. 

The portion is just nice. Remember Goldilocks and the three bears? It isn't too big.. Nor it is too small. It was just nice. The fish is not too oily. And i especially love the sayur asam. Sedap! The chilli is very hot so careful yeah? 

Plus... If your name is lela, you get to eat for free... Or something. I can't remember. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pak Anjang Nasi Bariani, Johore

We were dying for some bariani..ok I was.. And I managed to make my friends believe they had to eat it too.. Hehehe so off we went to look for authentic briyani gam. Another friend told us about this joint. It is located in Shah Alam, at Seksyen 13. 

It closes early so we had to rush from home after office hours. Unfortunately for us, despite arriving at 7 pm, we didn't get our briyani gam... So we opted for normal briyani. We ordered our briyanis and our side dishes the rojak petis and tauhu bakar.. 

The food is nice, but I guess we were there quite late, they were slightly dry. The kuah rojak is delicious though.. And so was the tauhu bakar.

The customer service is terrible.. The workers did not even smile, and seemed quite rude when taking orders.. 

Maybe one day should come earlier to try their bariani gam

Monday, July 02, 2012


When i need a fix for fried chicken... I would go to Raihan. They cook it fresh every 20-30 minutes. The line is long but no one cares because it is that good... The shop is located in Shah Alam.. Among the workshops along the road heading to Glenmarie. Google Raihan Nasi Kandar. It is on google map. That is how I discovered the fastest route from my place :)

I go there for the chicken. Some go for the 'ganja'. Ganja is not actual is actually the crunchy and crispy bumbu they get from frying the chicken. It is salty, I personally can't swallow it but my friends salivates when thinking about it. The restaurant operates from 7 am - 7 pm. It opens everyday except the last Sunday of the month. Thr best time to go is before 1 pm as the line for food gets really long by 1 pm. But, you get your food really quickly. It typically takes about 5-10 minutes. 

Price wise... Raihan! Damn! You are expensive! I never paid less than 15 ringgit and that is not for 2 pax ok? Hehehe... 

When you request for rice, if you don't wanna eat too much, you'd probably want to ask for 1/2 serving. They would then get you the rice, mixed curry, and veggie of the day (so far it has always been cabbage or bean sprouts).. No complains there as there are other veggies for you to choose from the buffet spread. My typical order will be: 1/2 servings of rice, 1 or 2 fried chicken, okra, and deep fried bitter gourd. Occasionally I'd get deep fried fish eggs, or hard boiled salted eggs. And tiny bits of the ganja. For a plate like this with a cold drink, the damage would be about RM19 ... I know... Mahal kan... . But trust me. It was all worth it.

Sometimes they even have fresh mangoes all the way from India.. Which are gorgeously orange and very sweet. But it is seasonal and if it is available they will put it up next to the counter. You wont't miss it. 

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Lesung Batu Cafe @Putra Heights, Selangor

Now that's a lesung batu :)
the creme caramel! 
Nasi Ambang.. I wish for bigger
portion though hahaha
I've been to this restaurant several times.. but I still haven't been able to categorize this restaurant. Here's the thing. They serve nasi campur during the day, dim sum, traditional Malay desserts and appetizers, Thai food, and Western at other times! hahaha.. surprisingly with such a huge array of food, unlike some restaurants they are all quite good. On my first visit, I remember trying the nasi ambang.. it's really nice. Even though it was cold when I had it.. well I went there quite late in the afternoon, was kinda lucky there was any when I arrived. I also had the mi bandung and for desserts, I had the creme caramel. OMG to die for! The creamiest creme caramel I've ever had.. it just melts in your mouth and boy oh boy it's simply delicious. The mi bandung.. I've had better but there's a lauk in each bite. Filled with seafood, meat, chicken. You name it.. they're in there. My second visit, I went with Jon.. she was on MC... we had dim sum. yum but it's quite tough. I think they didn't warm it through. but they were delicious :D (I wasn't paid to say it ok.. I even had to pay for my own food tau)

I think my third visit was last Ramadan... because I was on a strict no-rice diet, I chose Chicken Chop.. Unfortunately it was ready like 20 minutes before breaking fast, and they already put the gravy on top of the chicken, I had like really soggy chicken chop when it was time for berbuka. kekeke.. but I do love the mushroom gravy.

i love the ambience of the restaurant. free wifi ;) and the interior design. i love the fast service, the many kuihs in the afternoon, and the rattan pods (it's a pod-like chair that u can sit in and relax..) it's a great hang out place with plenty of parking space. :)

Lesung Batu Cafe:

Location: No. 7, Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/8D, Putra Point Business Center, Putra Heights
(2.991723N, 101.572727E)
Call 03 51925897 to make reservations

Friday, April 06, 2012

Bawal Power

Haha... I'm back! Omg.. it's been so long! not that i haven't been eating out. I just didn't feel like writing lately. Been doing a whole lot of tweeting though ;) anyway that's how I found this place. It's actually a stall at Uptown Damansara right behind Bintang Henry, near Ali Baba and Sizzler. It also has 2 other outlets in Kota Damansara and Ampang. Never been there. Uptown's the closest to me. 

The name says it all. Their signature dish is Bawal or I think it's Pomfret fish in English. Marinated in tumeric and salt, then deep fried to perfection. A set of Bawal means you're getting the fried pomfret, with a plate of rice, some very fresh ulam/salad, really "kaw" curry, shallots in soy sauce and the potent sambal belacan. A set costs you RM10. I've been there 3 times, and I only ordered Bawal set. But they also sell sotong bakar set (grilled squid set), fried keli (catfish), and fried chicken for those who don't eat Bawal. 

I've tasted the sotong bakar set, I ate it off my friend's plate ;p, and it tastes gooooood... another friend tried the fried chicken and he loved it. I guess anything deep friend is good ;p 

Deep fried Pomfret with rice, sweet soy sauce and curry .. I felt at home instantly!

fried chicken ... nice he said .. just the way he likes it

this is what you get when you order ;) 

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

New blog in the making

i just came back from ipoh. Hari raya Haji.. watched Julie & Julia.. about a blogger who challenged herself to 524 recipes in 365 days. it's based on true story.. and i'm inspired by it. i'm taking on a challenge. nothing like her challenge.. that'd be boring la kot? hihi.. i am going to try as many recipes as i can, insya Allah and post them on a new blog. mm.. it'll be a recipe blog of some sort. will test some recipes.. post them recipes.. and all the recipes i've altered to suit the availability.. (and of course my pocket) i should have a target date. kan? so how should i do this? any suggestions?

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Johor Food in Sepang you say?

it's been months since I saw nana for our friday lunch. we actually talked about having sushi at first but then she mentioned briyani gam. hehehe.. i opted for the latter. nana took me to this place a couple of months ago.. but we were pressed for time. i didn't have time to take photos.. ok.. i lied. i was starved. i forgot to take photos. so this time i reminded myself to take photos... regardless of how yummy the food looked. even so. i almost forgot to take photo of the shop. and i totally forgotten to take the photo of the mum.. that's what the waiters called her. haha :P

the place is actually at salak tinggi, according to nana. if you go to KLIA using the putrajaya/dengkil road,   at the second traffic light (at the t-junction after shell) instead of taking right to KLIA, you take left to nilai. Second traffic lights later, turn left again and take left soon after. you'll find some very abandoned shoplots. they look abandoned.. but there are a lot of things going on here.. :P if you're familiar with this area.. then it's near the JPN office that never opens, and there's a post office nearby.

the shop is called Jee. all things Johor can be found here.. :D
so nana, her two friends and i went inside.. they closed half the shop because the waiters were supposed to go for their friday prayers. but we had like two hours. so we weren't worried. nana's friends and i ordered briyani gam. i had briyani gam kambing. oh la la.. oh so delicious! nana had mi bandung. jaga badan kot muahahhaa ..

tu dia..sarat!

costs RM6.00 per plate. don't worry.. it's a huge plate!
i have never tasted the mi bandung.. but both times nana and i were here, nana always ordered the mi bandung. so it must be good! heheh :p

colorful! RM14 per plate. chicken briyani is RM10 per plate

the kambing is good.. so tender...  

the rice is not dry.. and not tasteless

aummm.... but the papadom dah masuk angin :(
service wise... they're quick to serve. but probably coz we're the only ones there for about an hour. :p they also have soda bandung.. hahahha and served in huge mug too! of course we have to drink soda bandung la kan? otherwise it won't be complete!

blisss - just the right amount of soda and good amount of syrup and milk. yum

RM3.50 per glass.. or should i say jug? hahaha :P
the restaurant also sell cucur adabi. they use the adabi mix and make a mountain of cucur that are fluffy and uniform and delicious. we had it on our trip here before but not this time. too full! hahaha.. and they also sell mi siput with the sambal occasionally i must say.. both times no have. :( but the mummy said that it's gone the minute the stock comes.. figures :( they also sell kopi cap 434.. kopi muor! it was featured in kosmo last thursday! hahaha ;p i love that kopi. so kampung.. best banget.. RM5 per pack of 20 kot.. nice..
Muar's Famous Coffee! it says so on the bag! hehe :D

overall it's a good place to eat. a bit secluded and far.. but hey for good food that doesn't really matter :D hehehe...